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Our Retriever stock photography files contain photography of retrieving dogs afield, hunting and dog training.  The images on this page are a small representation of our complete retrieving dog stock photography files.  Please contact us to arrange for a submission of retrieving dogs  or general dog stock photography images. Files include but not limited to Labrador retrievers, Golden Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

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Labrador Retrievers Chesapeake Bay Retrievers  |  Golden Retrievers
All Images This Page are Digital Images and available for immediate electronic delivery

The images on our website represent a small fraction of our files.  To see a submission pulled to your specifications,  please contact us.  Please note that these are not high resolution scans which may result in low image quality or distortion.  All originals are on professional film and are sharp and well exposed.  All images on this page are protected by US copyright law and cannot be used in any fashion without permission from The Green Agency.